Care labels: with or without pictograms?

This is a major question that your business might need to take at the beginning before creating and designing your care label. 2 maintenance and care label modes are possible. The first one is the simplest and the least restrictive.

Your care label might contain only indications via words and phrases such as cold washing, dry cleaning, do not use bleach, hot iron ironing, flat drying and many more. The second way, though, is more attractive and your customers will love them.

You might have a care label with pictures and symbols,  custom clothing tags containing registered trademarks that are the subject of standard ISO 3758: 2012. By only using a certain type of pictures and washing symbols, you will adhere and respect the ISO Standard. 

Note also that if you illegally use a mark or a symbol, this might give rise to legal proceedings. We strongly advise you to follow strict rules when creating a care label with symbols.

Some of the fundamental principals are the following;

  • Care symbols on care labels provide information on many severe treatments beyond which the product will be damaged.
  • Care symbols refer to the most fragile part of your product. This included dye, primer, accessories like buttons and zippers and trims.
  • It is not possible to guarantee that all kinds of stains and dirt could be removed during washing. On the other hand, by respecting the maintenance procedures found on the care label, the risk of damage is minimized and virtually zero.


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