Thursday, 12 April 2018

Lizzie Gines x Tobi | Those Nights Out

We're coming towards the end of the Tobi collaboration, and today I'm here with the final of three outfits. If you've had a chance to check out my other two posts (you can find them here and here), then one of the first things you may have noticed could've potentially been just how girly and summery both outfits were.

Well today we're here to switch things up.

It was initially something that slightly worried me, as one of the products that I was asked to pick out from the Tobi website was a bodysuit. Now bodysuits until very recently were always something I avoided; they all seemed to be too skintight or felt incredibly uncomfortable as someone who is a little taller. However, as I was scrolling through the website, I was pleasantly surprised to find a fair few options that wouldn't cling to my skin and make me so undoubtably uncomfortable.

Whilst it's safe to say that this very low-cut option won't be to everyones taste, it's definitely to mine. Although I'm not overly confident when it comes to my stomach, I am fairly confident when it comes to my chest. As I'm 5"8, I did choose to size up, which worked out perfectly as it fits like a glove. Even though this bodysuit is an incredibly "booby" option, I actually don't feel insecure about that. As a plus, the bodysuit also comes with buttons, which makes the public toilet situation a whole lot easier! And can we just talk about how beautiful this colour is?! It oddly reminds my off silky sweet chocolate (with an obvious purple tinge).
It is safe to say however that this will strictly be a night out option - oh and don't forget that tape... we don't want anything spilling out!

Because of its revealing nature, I felt it was only right to cover up elsewhere, so I opted for my favourite black skinny jeans. For jewellery, I picked out some of my staple pieces; including a gold layered necklace and some gold bangles. I also added my beloved snakeskin effect clutch and wooden block peep toe heels.

Bodysuit* - Tobi
Jeans - River Island
Necklace - New Look
Bangles - Unknown
Heels - New Look

What would be your go-to night out look?

Lots of Love

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