Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Winter Essentials For 2018

It goes without saying that as soon as winter rolls around, my beauty and fashion choices drastically change. Evidently it gets colder (could I be more obvious), my already dry skin turns into the Sahara desert and my lips become unbearably chapped. Therefore my beauty habits can sometimes differ drastically from those within the warmer months - I probably start to take care of my skin a little more! Basically, my beauty regime becomes a great priority throughout these next few months.

As the weather began to cool down, it appears that almost everyone began suffering with dry skin, at least to some degree I guess. As someone who already has incredibly dry skin, the cold begins to make my skin incredibly flaky, irritable and just downright annoying. The skin around my nose certainly becomes the most irritable, so as a result this is when I begin to lather my skin with Boots Simply Sensitive Hydrating Moisturiser; a very inexpensive moisturiser, yet it does the job pretty well. 

In terms of the rest of my body, the soles of my feet tend to suffer the most. It came to the point where my feet were feeling incredibly itchy due to the dry skin building up on the bottom. Now foot cream has become an absolute essential. Right now I'm loving the Elemis Treat Your Feet and the Soap & Glory Heel Genuis, and now my feet are finally experiencing a little bit of love. 

If we shift over to the hands, I don't tend to suffer with dry hands, but I do become more aware of all the colds floating around. Now saying that, I am fully aware that The Body Shop Hand Creams are not anti-bacterial, but they do the trick in making my hands feel completely clean and nourished. Plus, they smell great too!

Speaking of The Body Shop, I have quite simply become obsessed with their lip butters. Granted, I am someone who generally goes out wearing a lipstick and so The Body Shop Lip Butters aren't an essential for me everyday, however they're a great alternative for lazy days, cosy evenings in and they'll certainly be whipped out if I ever come down with a cold! They're not the creamiest of lip balms (or butters) around, but they most definitely do the job at keeping my incredibly chapped lips lovely and moisturised.

But let's not forget clothing! Whilst I love winter for the chunky jumpers, bulky coats and black boots (which let's face it, I wear year round anyway), I love any excuse to pull out a wooly hat and oversized scarf. Who can say no to a wooly hat combined with an oversized obnoxious pom pom - not me! In fact, I love New Look for their selection of knitted hats, having bought my grey and maroon pom pom hats from their myself; and at a reasonable price too. In terms of scarves, I've recently become obsessed with my Forever 21 Check Oblong Scarf, wearing it with any outfit I possibly can!

What are your winter essentials for 2018?

Lots of Love

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