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Twenty Things I'd Like To Do In My Twenties

I'm sure I'm not the only one saying this, but how is it already 2018; last year certainly went in the blink of an eye. And with a new year comes new year resolutions. I'm not usually one for new years resolutions; I made them one year, yet there's something about trying to squeeze in so many goals in a relatively short space of time that just doesn't appeal to me.

So instead I'm here with a list of goals that I'd like to achieve within my twenties, some easier than others! Being 23, I've got plenty of time left to achieve each and every goal I set in place; some are one-time events that I'd like to happen at some point or another, whilst others will be spread out over the entire seven years, something that I'll need to put the effort into, so that I can make a positive change. I want to vastly improve my life over my twenties, becoming healthier, happier and more independent in the process and I personally like this way of going about it; there's no rushing around trying to get something done before these 365 days are over - and trust me, they'll be over before we know it! 

Grab a drink, this is a long one!

Visit another Disney park. It's surely no secret that I'm a massive Disney fan having documented my last two WDW trips, however I'd like to think over the next few years that I'd be able to visit another Disney park too. I visited Paris when I was younger, however can't remember much of it and went to LA six years ago, yet we skipped out on Disney... why? With that said, these two Disneyland parks are the ones calling my name!

Learn 20 new recipes. I don't yet do much cooking, especially as I'm still at home with my parents, however I'd love to learn a bunch of recipes that would come in handy when I eventually move out of my family home.

Work out (on average) 3 times a week. I can't begin to explain how terrible I am at working out; fitness has embarrassingly just never been a priority for me. I need to change this. I'm never going to be a fitness freak, or at least I don't think I'll ever be, but I need to start finding something that really works for me to aid in improving my overall health and fitness levels.

Learn a new skill. Who doesn't love that sense of achievement you get after you've learnt a new skill? I certainly do. At the age of 11, I self-taught myself how to use a diablo after watching a performance of Cirque de Soleil - now I can throw one around here, there and everywhere. I've absolutely no idea what I'd like to add to my skillset... maybe skiing or painting or a new sport - who knows!

Visit at least 7 new countries. I love travelling. These last few years I've been fortunate enough to head to America on numerous occasions, and whilst I'd love to also tick off more US states from my list (I've visited 14 as of now), I'd also love to travel to some completely new countries. On the top of my list are Croatia, Italy, Australia and Iceland - the two hours I stayed in Reykjavik airport don't count! 

Improve my photography. Being a beauty blogger, one of my favourite aspects of it all is the photography side of things. My photography to begin with was, well granted, it wasn't great, yet over the years my photography has massively improved. I'd love to continue to build upon it year on year, whether that's flatlays, outfit shots or landscapes to name a few. I'd also love to invest into a 35mm lens at some point!

Fall in love. It's fair to say that even at the ripe-old age of 23, I'm yet to have fallen in love. I can be a relatively shy person and whilst there's nothing wrong with that, it definitely has impacted my love life. I'd love to think that in the near-ish future that this could change, however I can also be quite cautious about the guys out there.

Own a completely cruelty-free beauty collection. If you've been following my blog this past month or so, then you'll know that I've begun making the transition to owning a completely cruelty-free beauty collection. This means whilst I'll be using up the products I currently own, I'll no longer be purchasing any beauty products from brands that continue to test on animals (or featuring them on my blog/YouTube channel).

Treat myself to a designer bag. Bags or shoes? It seems as though most women have a preference of one over the other - for me it's bags. Whilst I love many of the cheap alternatives, there's something so special about owning a well-made, quality handbag - and it's important to treat yourself every now and then too!

Buy a house. Probably one of the biggest goals for those of us in our twenties. I'm at that stage when so many people my age are already making this transition in their life, but I'm just not there... yet! I'd love to be able to settle down and be able to buy a house well in advance of turning 30.

Meet some blogging/YouTube friends in real life. There's no denying that there are some incredible people both in the beauty blogging and Disney YouTube communities (both of which I am proudly a part of). My personality does however sometimes prevent me from maybe taking that step to meet some people, but I'd love to have some "real-life" friends from these communities. Any of my online friends in the Midlands? Or do you know of any meetups happening?

Drink more water. I can not begin to tell you how bad I am at this, or just in general with staying hydrated. My lack of water intake is probably the main reason as to why my skin is in such terrible condition, so I'm hoping that I'll kick myself up the butt and drink more water!

Challenge myself with my driving. Until the beginning of last year, I was never a very confident driver; avoiding it as much as I possibly could, and you'd never catch me driving alone. I'm incredibly proud of how far I've come this past year though; I've really pushed myself and would now say I'm a pretty confident driver - yay! However, I still avoid reverse parking, parallel parking and motorways at all costs. Fingers crossed I can continue to push myself and eventually tell you all how confident I am at these three things too.

Go to Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary. Back to Disney! There's going to be a point when I'll need to put WDW trips on a hold (especially with all of the other countries I would love to visit), yet I'm making it a mission to head back to the most magical place on earth for their 50th anniversary in 2021. With all the new attractions being built over the next 4 years, Disney is 2021 is looking to be more incredible than ever!

Adopt a dog. Since I was little I've always wanted a dog; alas, I've never gotten one, but as I move out and get my own place I'd love to imagine that I'll be able to finally get my own. I'm a strong believer of adopting animals (after watching numerous videos of homeless or mistreated animals finally receiving a better life) - I want to give at least one dog another chance!

Travel more around the UK. So I've mentioned travelling to other countries, but with that said I'd also love to travel around the UK a little more. Whether a day out or spontaneous weekend trip, I'd love to explore the many corners of the UK I'm yet to visit.

Blog at least twice a week. Or 104 times a year. Blogging can be a very on and off thing with me, but as I feel I'm finally improving significantly with the content I'm posting - I'm actually proud of it. I'd love to think that seven years down the line, I'll still be posting to this blog, hopefully growing it along the way too.

Go to a taping of the Graham Norton Show. Maybe an odd goal for many, but my sister and I absolutely love watching the Graham Norton Show, so much so that we've applied for tickets almost every series for the past 4-5 years and continue to be unsuccessful every time. I pray that we'll be able to get tickets for a recording (hopefully when Zac Efron's there).

Spend more time with my family/grandparents. After losing my Grandad this past year, it truly made me realise that no one is indestructible. I'm a very family-oriented person and so the loss of a family member hits me hard - I need to make the most of every moment I have with not only my grandparents, but my entire family.

Have a job that I enjoy. This is a big one for me. I'd love to think that in the relatively near future, I'll be able to say that I wake up every morning looking forward to going to my job, enjoying what I do for a living. 23 can be a tricky age; is what you're doing something that you truly enjoy, something that you can see yourself doing for the foreseeable future?

What are your life goals over the next few years?

Lots of Love

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