Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Review

Oh, don't you just love receiving new makeup products? Well this month I was fortunate enough to receive two Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliners as part of the latest Influenster VoxBox - I believe anyone is able to sign up for Influenster, so get on it if you're not yet a member and you too could be gifted some incredible beauty products.

I remember coming home one day to find out that a package had been left over our gate. Initially I was confused - I hadn't bought anything, so what on earth could this be? After noticing Lizzie on the address I quickly realised that it must've been something to do with blogging/YouTube (as I'll always use my full name for packages I personally buy), but I was still pretty much clueless as to what it was. Anyway, I opened the package to find a box labelled with Marc Jacobs Beauty - could the smile on my face have been any bigger? I think not. And sat inside were two of the beautiful Gel Eye Crayon Highliners. 

I'd not yet tried Marc Jacobs Beauty, mainly due to the higher prices acting as a deterrent for myself, yet I was so happy to see such a well known and respected brand inside. Better yet, Marc Jacobs Beauty (not the perfumes, which are in fact a separate brand) is completely cruelty-free, and as many of us know, I'm currently working towards a completely cruelty-free collection, (so these Highliners most certainly help)!

As part of this PR sample, I received the shades Earthquake*, a everyday dark brown shade and Pink of Me*, which I'm sure you can guess is a lovely light pink. These are originally £20 and are currently being sold at John Lewis. When I first saw the shades, I will admit that I was initially quite hesitant; not so much for the brown, as I tend to prefer dark browns for an everyday makeup look, but more so for the pink; after all, I don't think I've worn pink on my eyes since about the age of 13. With that said, this particular pink is so light that it's a great alternative to brighten my eyes by using it within my waterline. I've seen so many people using their creativity with these eyeliners, using them directly on top of their eyeshadow, however I'm not as daring and tend to stick to the lash line and waterline.

Let's talk a little more about the products themselves! First off, the pigmentation is incredible; one swipe and you're good to go. And the fact that it's super creamy is a bonus for me! As someone who at the age of 23 still sucks at winged liner, I can't vouch for it's reliability in this case, however I would say as the crayon is relatively blunt and quite creamy, it may not be the perfect option for a very sharp wing (if that's your thing). It does however work perfectly close to the lash line and within the waterline. I tend to get extremely watery eyes (particular in the cold) and these eyeliners just do not budge! 

Yes, they are much more pricey than the high street alternatives I would usually opt for, but they are also some of the best liners I have used to date, and I would totally consider buying them once they're all used up!

Have you used any Marc Jacobs Beauty products before? What would you recommend trying?

Lots of Love

*This post includes products sent to me as part of a press sample from Influenster

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