Tuesday, 5 December 2017

All About Brows: Soap & Glory Review

Ask me what beauty products I couldn't live without and brow products are bound to make it somewhere near the top of the list. I have a thing for good eyebrows, an obsession, so an incredible brow product is essential for someone of my ilk. I've tried a few these past years, but I always tend to run straight back to Soap & Glory. 

And for good reason.

Shall we start with the Soap & Glory Brow Archery? In fact, Soap & Glory currently have two variations of this product; one with a brow pencil and brush and the other with a brow pencil and tint. I've tried both in the past, however the slightly more expensive brow pencil and tint is the one I've consistently been using over and over again. It's not that the other variation is bad, it's just that this one is a whole lot better! As someone with darker brows I opt for the Brownie Points shade. Initially filling in the sparse areas of my brows with the tint and then going over the entirety with the brow pencil, this product gives a nice natural look, without the appearance that your brows have been drawn on. In fact, my nan out of all people comments on how nice my brows look almost every time I see her, and this is what I'm more than likely using! They also offer a lighter shade and have somewhat recently introduced an even darker shade; I'm unsure on how this would look just because the Brownie Points shade works so incredibly for those darker brows...maybe it'll be a little too dark?
Overall verdict: 9/10

Soap & Glory also offer a brow palette, the Archery D-I-Y Brow Bar. A recent purchase for myself and something that I've been testing out every now and then, whilst good I wouldn't rate it as highly as the Brow Archery. The product comes with a transparent setting wax, a highlight and two brow powder shades. I almost wish they'd created separate palettes for different shades so as to not waste the one shade unsuited for your brows. Evidently as someone with darker brows, the lighter shade will basically remain untouched. In fact, I've yet to even touch the highlight as I tend to gravitate to other highlights within my collection. However, I really do like the setting wax and dark brown powder; the wax holds my brows in place all day, whilst the powder is an almost perfect match to the colour of my brows. I do have to say I'm not a massive fan of the brushes provided though. Whilst I find Soap & Glory tend to offer better brushes with their products than most other high-street makeup brands, I become so heavy-handed with the size of these tiny brushes. Take out the brushes and unnecessary shade and surely they could knock a little off the price of the Brow Bar too?
Overall verdict: 7/10

Have you tried Soap & Glory's brow products? What would you recommend trying?

Lots of Love


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