Monday, 20 November 2017

Why Do You Keep Going Back To Disney?

Why do you keep going back to Disney? Aren't you too old for Disney? These are the questions that I'm often graced with when I let someone know that I'll back heading back to the most magical place on earth. And maybe if you're not a likeminded Disney freak like myself, you may be asking those questions too. I understand; Disney was certainly created with children at mind; their movies are aimed at a younger audience, but that doesn't mean that we just stop enjoying it.

But what about travelling elsewhere - don't you want to experience other things that aren't Disney? Often a comment from someone yet to experience a single Disney park or yet to understand the extremity of the things to do (within Disney World specifically). It's not just popping to a theme park, meeting Mickey Mouse and eating a burger, it's so much more than that.

So just why do I keep going back to Disney?

It means no worries
For me, Disney is an escapism; I can truly escape from the "real world" and step into this new world which is nothing like my everyday life - no responsibilities, just running around having a ball!
Before my recent September trip, I was unfortunately at a very unhappy place in my life, however I was able to transport myself to this completely different world and have two entirely stress-free weeks where all my worries simply melted away. At times when I've needed a pick-me-up, Disney has always been there.
Created with the young at heart in mind, Disney is the place I truly feel like it a kid again; it's the best feeling, it's euphoric!

People, people, people
Potentially more specific to myself and other Disney vloggers/bloggers, due to the creation of my online Disney content, I have been able to talk to and even meet some incredible people within the Disney community. I was fortunate enough to meet a small handful of people on my recent trip and it honestly brightened my day to be able to connect with likeminded people in the place that we all love so much.
But what about the people in the parks? Disney cast members are honestly some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Fact. The vast majority will really go out of their way to make your holiday the best it can be; so much so that we received a free ice cream cookie sandwich last year from a lovely cast member; I'm talking two large chocolate chip cookies with a large scoop of ice cream sandwiched between - is your mouth watering yet? And this was simply for the fact that we were nice to them unlike the people in front of us in the queue; it pays to be kind!

There's always something new
Contrary to the belief of many people, Disney World isn't just a couple of theme parks with some rides. We're talking four theme parks, two water parks, a huge entertainment and shopping complex, hundreds of dining options, annual festivals, parties and special events, daytime and nighttime shows, backstage tours, two mini golf courses and 25 impeccably themed resorts amongst much, much more! There's much more to Disney that I think most people realise and quite simply it's not possible to do it all at once. Take that into account alongside the fact that they're always implementing new experiences and it will leave you longing to go back for more.
Whilst it had been only a year since we'd been in Disney prior to our last trip, we headed over experiencing the brand new (and spectacular) Pandora: World of Avatar land, as well as the best fireworks show you will probably ever witness; Happily Ever After. Let's not also forget that it was our first time to experience the annual Food & Wine Festival at Epcot - there's always something new to try every time!

Whilst some people may still not understand my choosing in continuing to head back to Disney World over and over again, it's safe to say that it's something I'll be doing throughout my life. I'm lucky enough to have travelled a fair bit outside of Disney too and whilst there are so many other places still on my bucket list to go to, Disney makes me happy and just why would you give up something that makes you happy?

Have you been to any of the Disney parks? 

Lots of Love

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