Monday, 27 November 2017

Making The Decision To Go Cruelty-Free

It's a decision I've only recently made (just last week), yet one I'm really set on - I've decided to go cruelty-free! Going cruelty-free is something that has most definitely crossed my mind on the odd occasion and in total honesty, I'm gutted I didn't decide to make the change sooner.

Regardless of whether you only buy exclusively cruelty-free products or not, this post may help to enlighten not only some of the terrible things that happen during cosmetics testings, but also the extensive range of brands that you can still purchase as a cruelty-free brand supporter. 

Small disclaimer; I'm not trying to force anyone (or guilt-trip anyone) into changing their beauty buying habits; I respect everyone for their individual choices; heck, this is only a decision I've just made after years of purchasing beauty products. This post is based solely upon my opinions and facts I have found online.
Since taking the photo above, I have also discovered that By Terry begun selling in China last month and are no longer cruelty-free.

There's a variety of reasons why I've made this change, but in basic terms, I simply don't want another animal to needlessly suffer for my vanity. Why should animals suffer for human benefit; what have we done to be so worthy to torture and inflict pain upon so many innocent defenceless animals? Why are humans lives, and specifically in this case our looks more valuable than a living breathing creature? Continuing to purchase products from the likes of Maybelline or Chanel is in fact directly telling that brand that I one hundred percent support exactly what they're doing and from now on I no longer wish to support such horrible experiments. 
I also don't agree with animal testing for household products, medicine etc. and this is certainly something I'll be exploring in the future. 

Take a quick look at two of the biggest reasons that have swayed me to make this change. Meet Tom & Jerry, my two 9-year-old rabbits. Everyday, thousands of rabbits just like them are tested on. I've seen a few photos and couldn't imagine putting my bunnies through that immense pain. Bred for these experiments and more than likely living in a tiny metal cage until the day they die, these rabbits undergo a ridiculous amount of torture, having chemicals rubbed into their skin and eyes (that's just the start of it), unable to do anything about it; certainly never making it to the ripe old age of 9 like my bunnies. And rabbits aren't the only ones being tested on; there's guinea pigs, rats, mice, cats, dogs and monkeys among many more used for cruel  unnecessary experiments for the benefits of humans. 

Whilst fortunately animal testing is banned here in the EU, it doesn't mean that your beauty products are necessarily cruelty-free. Just because it's not happening here, it doesn't mean that the products or ingredients aren't being tested elsewhere. 

The biggest problem without a doubt when it comes to cosmetics are Chinese laws. Unfortunately for an imported product to be sold within China (excluding Hong Kong who have separate laws), the product most undergo animal testing. If a brand sells in China, no matter how much they state they're against animal testing, they are not cruelty-free - they are investing directly into animal testing! Don't get me wrong, I understand exactly why companies wish to sell in China; after all, it's the largest economy in the world and the revenue that they can fetch is astronomical. But if profits are more valuable to a company than millions of animals lives, I don't want to support them. In an ideal world, the Chinese laws would change, or maybe enough people could stop buying from these brands and they'll have to decide, China or the rest of the world...I know which I'd choose!

There's no need for animal testing; alternative methods have been found; methods that are more effective and more ethical. In fact, some of the cheaper beauty brands out there are cruelty-free, so surely these methods are more inexpensive, right? In today's world when beauty companies have over 7000 ingredients to choose from already deemed safe for human use, why must animal testing continue?

As of now, whilst I'll continue to use up what I have left, I will no longer be purchasing any more beauty products from non cruelty-free brands; additionally no longer featuring them on my blog. I'll also be updating my brand directory to only include cruelty-free beauty brands.

For those of you interested in joining me on this journey, here's an extensive list of some of the larger cruelty-free brands - if they can do it, why can't everyone else? Please note, that some of these are owned by parent companies who do test on animals. For example, L'Oreal who test on animals own Urban Decay who do not; I will personally continue to use the cruelty-free brands.

If you'd like a larger list of cruelty-free brands and some further insight into animal testing, is a great source for information.

What's your stance on animal testing for cosmetics?

Lots of Love

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