Thursday, 25 May 2017

Pink Parcel May Review

These past few months, I've found an unhealthy obsession for monthly subscription boxes. Whilst I've bought the odd generic beauty box here and there, I haven't really delved into much else. That was until recently. I was incredibly fortunate to receive the May edition* of the Pink Parcel monthly subscription box and share my thoughts with you. Although this is in a sense still a beauty subscription box, it differs in the fact that it also delivers your monthly period products directly to your door. Costing £10.50 (including postage), it not only saves you a trip to top up on your pads or tampons, but it also comes with a little pick-me-up in the form of a selection of different beauty products and food...what could be better than that?

Making up the bulk of your Pink Parcel is a selection of pads and/or tampons. As someone who generally opts for pads, my box came full to the brim of both daytime and nighttime pads, along with a pouch full of additional pads and pantyliners if needed. However when signing up for the Pink Parcel, you do have the option to have either pads, tampons or both provided within your monthly box. 

The exciting part however is the "For You" box! Completely filled with a selection of beauty, food and lifestyle type products, I was intrigued to see what sort of products and brands would be provided within the Pink Parcel. 

As a makeup hoarder, there are certainly two products that in particular have caught my eye; those being the Flawless blusher brush and the Trust Fund Beauty nail polish in Kiss Kiss Darling. I personally love these subscription boxes, as it gives me the opportunity to try multiple products from brands that I'd previously not heard of. The nail polish is certainly a colour that I'll be wearing, however more so during the Autumn months and the blusher brush is incredibly soft; something that I'm very excited to try in the near future!

The May box also came with a variety of skincare products in the form of a Scrub Love coffee body scrub in Coconut Affair, Mount Purious rosewater toner spray and Bic razor. Whilst these aren't necessarily products that will over excite me, I am looking forward to seeing exactly what the rosewater spray will do and whether the scrub will be beneficial for my skin; however I am a little cautious of the coffee scent. The razor on the other hand will always come in use.

And finishing the May Pink Parcel box were some food and tea items. As someone who has a strong dislike for anything tea and coffee related this will be heading someone else's way! It is however worth mentioning that a different tea is provided each month - something that personally wouldn't appeal to me. I was also given a Rhythm 108 packet of tea biscuits in lemon and ginger and a Willie's Cacao Milk of the Gods milk chocolate bar which contains both nutty and coffee notes. Although I am willing to give both of these products a go, as I previously mentioned my hatred for both tea and coffee, I can't see myself being overly keen with either of these two products!

In order to gage whether the Pink Parcel subscription box may be a viable option for yourself, you may be wondering on the value of this box. Having the option to choose your range of sanitary products and being provided with a large selection of additional pick-me-up products, in my opinion makes this box well and truly worth the £10.50 price tag. And don't forget the range of discount codes and vouchers given too!

Have a look to see the true value of the May box below:
Always Pads (16 Provided) - £3.32
Always Pantyliners (5 Provided) - £0.40
Always Night Pads (5 Provided) - £1
Ace Tea (£4.99 for 15) - £0.33
Willie's Cacao Chocolate - £1
Rhythm 105 Biscuits (£12 for 12) - £1
Scrub Love Body Scrub - £3.49
Bic Miss Soleil Razor - (£2.99 for 4) - £0.75
Flawless Blusher Brush - £9.99
Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish - £12
Mount Purious Rosewater Facial Toner - £2.99
Total = £36.27

Check out Pink Parcel here!

What are your thoughts on the Pink Parcel period subscription box?

Lots of Love

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