Monday, 1 May 2017

Instagram Roundup | March & April

I've been a little absent recently, which I profusely apologise for. However, to keep everyone in the loop I thought it would be only suitable to continue on my Instagram roundup series on my blog, combining both the months of March and April. Although all in all very little actually happened throughout these two months, one significant event has evidently had a massive impact on my life.

For 22 years, I've been extremely fortunate; fortunate in the sense that I am surrounded by those who truly care for me. Those people are my family. And this past month has seen me deal with the loss of my Grandad. Going 22 years without losing anyone in my immediate family meant that I really didn't grasp just how heartbreaking it would be. I mean losing those closest to you no matter when it happens will be heartbreaking. Fact. But it does also get easier. I'm an extremely emotional person, so it evidently took a significant knock on me, but I'm also someone who when I need to will put on a brave face for those around me. The fact that he'd been in pretty ill health for a while meant that we had seen it coming beforehand and had time to process it for at least a few days before it happened. I do think about him everyday and just hope that he was proud of me and my achievements. I just wish I told him that I loved him more. Please let your loved ones know!

Onto happier things! For those who know me, they'll know just how much of a Disney fanatic I am. As I'm evidently heading back to the happiest place on earth later this year I have plenty of planning to do and those who have planned their own Disney trips will be fully aware of the importance of the 180 day mark before your holiday....ADR day! ADR simply stands for Advance Dining Reservations, where you have the opportunity to book your Disney restaurants an entire 180 days (+10) beforehand. It sounds insane and honestly it really is; I have to plan which restaurants I want to eat at an entire 6 months before I leave! However, many of these restaurants book up almost instantaneously, especially if you choose that you'd like to eat at Cinderella's Royal Table in the castle or at Be Our Guest in the Beasts castle! And as we've received the free dining plan, we need to be sure that we're going to be using up all 14 of our table service credits around the WDW resort!

I've also been feeling overly creative these past few months, especially when it comes to Disney...everything relates to Disney over here!! However I've been saving my money when it comes to clothes and makeup and have instead been splashing a little more on some crafting products! Since my overly creative spell began I've made my own Mickey ears phone case, two pairs of ears and am now onto my third pair. I think one of the main reasons that I've been so keen to create my own ears is for the simple fact that the Etsy ears I ordered last year failed to reach me and nothing has been done since! After contacting the Etsy seller and being told that my ears would be remade and sent out multiple times, I have had nothing and therefore am a little skeptical to order more from other sellers (although I have seen some incredible ones recently from hopefully some more efficient and honest sellers)!

What have you been up to over these past two months?

Lots of Love

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