Monday, 6 March 2017

Instagram Roundup | February

I still can't quite believe that we've already made it to March! Am I the only one who thinks that it's still Christmas? Seriously. But this past month has been both an exciting, stressful and busy month for myself. Whilst there are some things that I'm personally not going to share, this month has definitely seen my independence soar and has lead to a number of exciting announcements for myself!

I'm Going Back To Disney World
This was the month that I decided to announce that I'll be heading back to Disney World. Granted, I did announce the trip a tad early (roughly 7 months early), but since I began uploading my Disney vlogs back in September, I've had an absolutely incredible response on my YouTube channel and therefore wanted to let my Disney subscribers aware of the fact that I would be heading back to the most magical place on earth and that further vlogs and Disney themes videos would still commencing once my current vlogs end. Plus, I feel that if you want to make the most of a WDW holiday, you need to start planning well ahead. Dining reservations can be made up to 180 days in advance and in order to snag those hard to get reservations, you really need to be on the Disney site at your earliest convenience. Therefore as my 180 day mark is creeping up on me this month, I wanted to ask all of my Disney obsessed viewers exactly where I should eat! We had a few places in mind which we will be going to anyway, but have had so many incredible recommendations which we will most certainly be checking out on our trip!

My First Disney Giveaway
As a thank you for the incredible response to my Disney videos, this month I decided to hold my very first Disney giveaway! An international giveaway where I'll be sending the winner a bunch of Disney goodies (the stuffed Gus Gus is my absolute favourite), there are now just under two weeks left to enter! I never expected my Disney vlogs to be just as popular as they are as my beauty videos never really kicked off, but I am so incredibly thankful and fortunate to have received such a positive response. So fingers crossed these goodies will be making their way to one deserving winner! You can enter the giveaway here!

I Got My Own Car!
I passed my driving test back in 2013, on Friday the 13th of September to be precise...a lucky day for me I guess! But since passing my test (and also whilst learning to drive) I've always had a fear of getting behind the wheel. For years I was insured just on my mums car and would only drive somewhere with another family member in the car. I had so much self-doubt and was always worried that the worst possible thing that could happen would happen. I let my fear of driving get to me. 

It was however becoming more apparent that I would need to stop relying on other people so much. I could rely on public transport, but getting the train and bus everywhere just sounds like my idea of hell. So I just decided to buy my own car. The theory behind it was if I spent quite a bit of money on a car, I couldn't simply just leave it on my driveway to collect dust and I would instead actually end up using it. And that is exactly what has happened! Granted, I ended up getting a pretty good deal on my car which I purchased from my Grandad who has since given up driving, but over this past month I've been driving myself to and from work, begun driving with my friends and have also driven on the motorway for the very first time. I don't feel nervous and anxious 90% of the time. My driving fear is surely leaving me!

Britain's Got Talent Auditions
No I didn't audition, but I did head over to Birmingham where I was able to watch the Britain's Got Talent auditions. Last year I also managed to get tickets to the BGT auditions, as well as the X Factor and the Voice, but have found myself to enjoy the BGT auditions more. Plus as Birmingham is only 30 minutes away, it makes it much more accessible to me than many of the other shows. Last year we had a pretty good time at the auditions, but ended up only seeing 3 of our acts on TV (both on the main and More Talent show). This year I think I can safely say that we will be seeing many more acts on our TV. The level of talent from last year (in terms of the auditions we have seen) grew tremendously and I'd be more than confident to say that at least 7 of the acts we've seen will make their way onto our screens. We also witnessed a golden buzzer act which was an incredibly exciting moment of the night! 

I tend to get asked occasionally how I manage to get tickets for shows such as BGT, so if you would like free tickets to watch a bunch of your favourite shows, head over to Applause Store!

What have you been up to in February?

Lots of Love

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