Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Tips To Get Your Hair Ready For Spring/Summer

Summer brings a few challenges for your hair, like chlorine, UV rays and heat. But with a bit of knowledge and some hair care tips, your locks can look their very best during the warmer months. It’s not just hair protection that you’ll be thinking about as the new season rolls around, though, as a new season can often mean a new ‘do too. 

As far as SS17 hairstyle trends go, short hair and plaits are right up there. These are both excellent ways of feeling cool while looking cool in hotter weather, whether you’re giving your neck the al fresco treatment with a bob cut or just lifting your locks up off your neck with braids. 

Here are some top tips on how to get your hair ready for the upcoming Spring/Summer seasons. 
- Sun protection: Just like your skin, your hair needs protecting from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Use products that are specifically formulated with UV protection and apply them to damp hair, so that they can sink in. Wear a hat as often as possible when you’re out in the sun too.
- Chlorine and salt protection: You’ll much more likely spend time in a swimming pool or the sea in warmer months. So, protect your hair from chlorine and salt water with a finishing spray when you take a dip. Use a clarifying shampoo weekly to remove any build-up of product or chlorine. Or better yet, invest in a fun swimming cap!
- Deep treatments: Leave-in conditioners will help nourish your hair for longer. You can also use them before going for a swim to give your locks a protective layer. Indulge in a weekly hair mask to help soften hair that’s becoming brittle in the sun. Coconut oil is always a good option as a moisturizer!
- Cool styles: Keeping your hair off your neck is a sure-fire way to help your body cool down on hot days. If you’re ready for a change, a bob cut is the perfect style this SS17 to look and feel cool and fresh. If you want to keep your locks long, then a topknot is a chic way to sweep your hair up. Use hairspray or serum to smooth your strands, and secure them into a high ponytail with bobby pins. To be really on trend, add in plaits.
- Lock in moisture: Winter winds and central heating will have stripped moisture from your hair. Rehydrate your locks by smoothing in serum and then a nourishing oil after shampooing. This will help reinforce your hair’s natural strength and structure.
- Use heat to your advantage: Heat tools cause a lot of damage to your hair, so take advantage of natural heat to do the job for you. Let your locks dry naturally now and then, rather than using your hairdryer after every wash. Instead of always using your curling tongs, apply a beach waves product and go for a tousled look. When you do use heat tools, use the lowest setting possible, and spritz protecting spray first.

By anticipating the potentially damaging aspects of warmer seasons, you can help get your hair ready for the hot weather, so that your locks can look and feel their best!

*This post is in collaboration with All Things Hair

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