Thursday, 1 December 2016

Chocolate or Beauty? | Advent Calendars

It's December! I know, where has this year gone!? Trees are now popping up here, there and everywhere, Christmas music is seemingly played at every possible opportunity and there's basically just festive cheer all around. 

Being young at heart however, the one thing I always look forward to as the final month of the year rolls around, is for the day to come when I can finally pull out my Advent Calendar and begin the countdown to Christmas! Whilst I was uhming and ahhing for a ridiculous amount of time as to whether a beauty advent calendar would be better suited towards me this year (being the insane beauty hoarder I am), I eventually decided against it. There personally wasn't one calendar I could see where I would truly enjoy every product and so couldn't quite justify spending the high price tag that usually accompanies these beauties.

So whilst I may have skipped out on receiving a new makeup product everyday, of course I had to still buy myself a chocolate calendar! And this year I've gone one step above every other, as my favourite YouTubers , the SacconeJolys, decided to come out with their own for 2016. 

The SacconeJoly calendar (which is unfortunately sold out) may have been a little pricier than your typical Cadbury's or Nestle options (although buying it alongside the 2017 calendar made it much more affordable), however I love the idea of being able to count down to Christmas with my favourite YouTubers. And as an avid viewer, there are many aspects, little and large, that I can relate to within this calendar, making it even more interesting and personable than any other option that I could've bought anywhere and everywhere! It also comes with a little game on the back for you to find the kids and dogs in the calendar which I will say is insanely easy, but the one thing that I found funny with this is the fact that the skinniest dog on the calendar is Theo - any SacconeJoly viewers will understand!

Also there's supposed to be a little surprise at the very end, which fingers crossed is very exciting!
Update! After opening the first door today, I can now tell you that the chocolates are very yummy - typical advent calendar chocolate, but thicker than the chocolates I would usually get on other years! Bonus!

Do you have an advent calendar? Did you opt for chocolate, beauty or something completely different?

Lots of Love


  1. My dad got me a chocolate calendar as he does every year (even if I am 20 years old aha) and I really wanted a beauty calendar as well, but like you said, it's quite pricey, and I won't end up liking or using half of the products in them so would've been waste of money. Ah maybe next year. x

  2. My parents always buy me a chocolate advent calendar (even though I'm now 28!!-one big child at heart when it come to anything Christmas) for the first time this year I have actually been treated to my first beauty advent calendar which i am so excited about but would never have purchased myself as like you said they can be so pricey! Can't wait to read more from your blog :) xxx


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