Saturday, 3 December 2016

Add a Bit of Sparkle to Your Makeup This Christmas! | L'Oreal Infallible 24hr Eyeshadow Review

Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming! And other than pulling out that classic red lipstick, another thing that I like to do to spice up my makeup is to add a little extra sparkle here and there. Whilst I'm usually all about the gold eyeshadows as Christmas rolls around, recently I've been well and truly obsessed with Iced Latte, a shimmery champagne shade from the Infallible 24hr range by L'Oreal. I mean, just look at how beautiful it actually is!

The Infallible 24hr eyeshadow is a tricky one to explain; the entire range is made up of what I would refer to as semi-loose eyeshadows. The powder eyeshadows are tightly packed together in their little pot, however once you've dabbed your brush in, the product immediately begins to flake off and transform into a loose powder. It may seem like a bad thing, but in this case it's really not! Especially as when the product does begin to flake away, the silver cap that's provided inside helps to push the product back down and further solidify it. Personally, as someone who has a strong dislike for loose powders, the fact that the product can be squished back down is a great added benefit for me...especially when considering how often I tend to drop pretty much anything.

I do find however that when using this shadow, I always need to use a densely-packed flat-end brush or I am unable to pack on a significant amount of product. Not really a problem, but just a thought.

The shade itself is gorgeous; overly shimmery without being too over the top. It's the perfect shade to brighten up any eyeshadow look - I typically use it within the inner-half of my lids or dust it lightly over my entire lid. And this is also one of the few shadows I've used where I've had minimal fallout whilst applying; surprising, especially considering that it is a semi-loose shadow! And in terms of staying power, as long as I have my trusty Urban Decay Primer Potion, this shadow is not moving an inch!

Iced Latte also featured in my November Favourites video! Check it out below to see what else I've been loving this past month!

How do you spice up your Christmas makeup? Have you tried the L'Oreal Infallible 24hr eyeshadows?

Lots of Love

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