Friday, 25 September 2015

Hair-o-Scope | Scorpio

Reading that title, I'm sure that you will most likely be completely unaware as to what I'm actually talking about; in fact you may think I've gone completely crazy. But I haven't. In fact I was contacted by the people over at Madison Reed, a hair care company who specialise in permanent colour, asking whether I would like to write a post about my views on their Hair-o-Scope - apparently the traits of each zodiac sign says something about your hair too!
You can check out Madison Reed's hair dye advisor page HERE! You'll be able to find out what tones will work well for you by taking a short quiz!
Although I'm not necessarily someone who believes in everything to do with astrology, as I'd never quite heard of anything like this before, I was pretty intrigued. So I thought why not give it a go...this could somehow be true and may even tell me something about my hair I never knew. So I sent my zodiac sign over to them and they responded with my own Hair-o-Scope. From that I then needed to make decisions as to whether I agreed or disagreed with the assumptions.


Friday, 4 September 2015

Goodbye Summer | OOTD

Now that it's officially Autumn (boohoo), it's now time to start pulling out those warmer clothes. I seemed to blink and summer went by...that's how fast it was for me. And although Autumn and Winter are my least favourite seasons in term of weather, I absolutely love Autumn fashion - there's just something special to me about colours like khaki and maroon, and now I can finally pull them out on a daily basis.
So as it's the start of September I decided to wrap up in a chunky jumper and give you an insight into my first Autumn outfit! 
(Also apologies for the grainy photos)
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