Friday, 1 May 2015

New Travel Series & Apologies!

Before I get into the main part of this post I first want to start off by apologising for the lack of posts on this blog recently. It's not that I no longer have a love for blogging, it's simply that other things have gotten in the way. And I know that that can be a common excuse but when you're having to juggle university with many assignments due in a short time frame, a part-time job, and more recently my YouTube channel, blogging can be a little hard for me to do. And for me since I only had the courage to start a YouTube channel only 4 months ago, something I'd wanted to do for years, I really wanted to focus on working on that as I enjoy it so much.

Anyway I basically want to say that although there has been a limit in the number of posts on this blog, I most certainly have not forgotten about it. Due to the fact that my date for assignments to be handed in looming (literally, I have one week today), and then straight after that I'm on holiday, the posts on this channel may be quite limited for another month, but once I'm back it should hopefully be back to my usual two posts a week! My long summer is really going to be focussed on improving both the quality and content of my blog posts and YouTube channel!

In the meantime, as I was saying that I'm really focussing quite a lot of my time on my YouTube channel, I still wanted to write a post to inform you as to what is going on over there! As I am going on holiday in barely any time I have decided to put up a sort of "travel series" on my channel, featuring some videos like "What's in my Makeup Bag", "What I'm Packing", but more importantly "What's in my Carry On", the video you can view right now!! I am also planning on vlogging my holiday (to the US & Canada) to share my experiences with anyone who may be interested, although I cannot see these being uploaded until after my holiday.

So yes, as previously mentioned, you can already watch the first video in my little travel series! I've chosen to take my cute striped backpack from Urban Outfitters on the plane with me as it carries so much stuff and is just so, so practical! Make sure to watch the video down below to see what I'm going to be packing in my carry on, and let me know what you usually pack in yours!!

New videos are uploaded every Friday (and occasional Monday) on my channel, so make sure to Subscribe if you would like to be notified of new ones - it's free!
Once again, I am extremely sorry for the lack of posts, however once back from holiday they will resume as normal...after all I will have roughly 4 months off before I need to go back to university!
Lots of Love

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