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Pretty Little Liars Tag

There's no denying that I am one of the biggest Pretty Little Liars fan out there. After watching the first episode over 4 years ago I was hooked. I was lucky enough to visit the set almost 3 years ago (there's a photo of me at Rosewood High School with my sister further down) and my obsession grew further...I also saw Keegan Allen (Toby) in the flesh!!
For some strange reason I haven't yet done the PLL tag, but have seen it floating around the web for a while and have since intended to do it. As everyone now seems to be obsessed with the show since it went on Netflix, I feel that it's a good time to finally do this tag as most people can now relate to this.

I do realise that there are a few different versions of this tag, however this is the one I am doing. It seems to be the most relevant and recent of them all, and the one where I'll reveal the fewest spoilers if your not up to date with everything yet!
Let's get into the questions!

1. Alison made her return to Rosewood in her statement red coat. What is your wardrobe statement piece?
I'd say right at this current moment it's got to be a good pair of jeans. I used to hate wearing jeans however in the past year or two have become obsessed, rarely going out wearing anything other than jeans in the colder months. I'm sure once it starts getting a little warmer, my statement piece will certainly change!

2. If you could raid anyone's wardrobe, whose would it be?
Aria's hands down! Although sometimes some of her outfits are a little crazy, I'm loving darker colours right now, and the edgy twists she put on many of her outfits. She's also not afraid to go all out with her accessories and experiment with bold and crazy prints, something I'm always looking to do. I can honestly say that most times I'm watching the show, I'm staring at Aria's clothes half the time. I've Googled multiple times to see where many pieces are from...however most of the time they're too expensive or sold out!

3. Which cast member would you go to if you had a problem?
I think I'd have to say Emily. Out of the four girls she seems to be the most caring and understandable, therefore I'd feel that I'd be able to trust her with most things.

4. Which character's personality do you think you most relate to?
I'd like to think that I'm a mix of all the character's but if I had to pick I'd probably say Emily again, just simply for the fact that Emily is quite a shy and caring person, and I'd definitely describe myself with the two adjectives. Although when I asked my sister she seems to say Hanna. I guess she seems to cry in most episodes and I'm most certainly an emotional person! Plus I do like my fashion haha!

5. Which character's makeup would you most like to wear?
I'd probably have to say a mix between Aria and Hanna, just because they both take more risks with there makeup. Whereas Aria loves darker colours and more of a smoky eye, Hanna's makeup is probably more of my everyday look and I love that she brings out all of these gorgeous lip colours too!

6. Which of the cast would you feel safest with when stuck in an 'A' situation?
Without a doubt Spencer! I think in an 'A' situation it would always be safer to be with the smartest person, as she's more likely to resolve it or help us out of the certain situation. Although she doesn't have the best luck...I'm currently watching the finale of Season 1 as we speak and it's not going well for her...

7. What has been the biggest shocking moment?
I would say that it was when we all found out that Ezra was 'A'...kinda, but I think I knew from that instance that he really wasn't, so I'd have to say the moment we all thought Toby was part of the 'A' team. I can remember watching it and not being able to see who it actually was because the clip was so dark, but after replaying it multiple times and realising it was Toby, I was so shocked. I literally believed he was part of the 'A' team.

8.  Who is your favourite character?
Mine is definitely Aria! I'm not sure if it's because of her eyebrows...but I just love that character. I'm also obsessed with the whole Ezria thing, although I do have to say it's gotten a little boring in Season 5, so hopefully they can make it a little more interesting in Season 6!

9. Sum up in 5 or less words, your thoughts on:
Jenna - manipulative
Paige - confusing
Toby - mysterious and misunderstood
Cece - irrelevant
Melissa - selfish
 Jason - mysterious
Lucas - annoying voice

10. Who do you think is A?
The big question, and I still have absolutely no idea! Everytime I think that it's someone, another person either comes into the mix or they die. Right now I'm going to say either Paige or Jason, but I really have no clue. If it's one of the four main girls or Ezra, Toby or Caleb, then everything will be ruined!
I tag everyone to do this!
Do you watch Pretty Little Liars?
What's your 'A' theory?
Lots of Love


  1. Great answers!
    I am so obsessed with PLL and am currently watch the whole thing all over again!
    I definitely agree with having Spencer around with any A situation. I think she's my favourite character!
    Leanne xx

  2. I'm obsessed with PLL. I'm dreading finding out who A is in a few weeks. If it's celeb I'll be devastated. I don't think it would be but we're running low on suspects haha. Great tag

  3. I'm absolutely obsessed with PLL! I cannot wait for the reveal of A. I'm also a little nervous to see who it is, considering when I thought it was Ezra I was crushed!

    Becky, xx //

  4. These PLL girls are gorgeous! And talk about their personal fab!

    Jessica |

  5. Love PLL and I can't wait to see who A is. This tag is great and I really enjoyed reading it. Great post.


  6. Oh My Gosh!!! There is a PLL Tag!!! Definitely going to be doing this sometime in the near future on my everyday blog. How have I never heard of this before?!?! I really enjoyed reading your answers! Have you seen Season 5's finale? Holy cow! I seriously cannot wait for June for Season 6 to start.... of course they leave you with all kinds of questions and make you wait two or three months to start getting answers again. Love your post! xo


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