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Men's Gift Guide / The 12 Days of Blogmas #2

With less than two weeks till Christmas, I'm sure there's still many of you worrying about what to get the men in your life, (I personally find it so much harder finding gifts for men). Similar to my Girls Gift Guide (which is linked at the end of this post), I decided to create a post that could potentially help you with this problem. Unlike that post, this is not a 25 under £25 gift guide, but most of these products are relatively inexpensive.
Saying this, I may not be the best person to write this gift guide as my family is made up of predominantly women, and well, let's just say I'm in a committed relationship with food right is December afterall!!

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I decided to include a variety of different possible gifts, from the typical lynx sets and Calvin Klein fragrance (or whichever scents he tends to use), to a Doctor Who cookie jar. Obviously it'll all depend on type the person who you're buying the gift for; obviously not everyone will want that cookie jar, but I think there's definitely something here for every guy. Funny socks are always a good back-up!
I also made sure to include a range of different products; from pyjamas which you could pretty much buy anyone and some fun little games like the mini football table and coaster games, which would be perfect for Christmas Day...they're also a favourite of mine! Alcohol is also likely to be a good back-up plan too (depending on whether the person is over the age of 18). You can get lot's of different little sets like this Jack Daniels one, or you could just simply buy a bottle of something. Another thing that I also couldn't resist to put into this gift guide is this adorable penguin mug. I think this is perfect for pretty much anyone, guys or girls, and would make such a cute little present!
Also make sure to check out my Girls Gift Guide here and look out for my new post tomorrow!
What presents do you typically buy the guys in your life?
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  1. Fantastic gift guide, thanks for sharing!! <3

    I have a new post up on the blog, please check it out if you can;


    1. Glad you enjoyed it, I was afraid it would be of no use to anyone, haha!
      Will definitely be popping over to your blog now!

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