Friday, 14 March 2014

50 Random Facts About Me!

Asides from beauty and fashion posts, I love reading posts that help me to get to know my fellow bloggers a little bit better, which sometimes show just how much we have in common. So I thought it would only be right to do the 50 random facts about me as I enjoy reading them so much myself. Hopefully you'll enjoy reading these somewhat strange facts and maybe you'll end up relating to some of them!!

1. I only really got interested in makeup in 2012 and the majority of my collection was bought in 2013.
2. I am quite a shy person, but once you get to know me you'll find that I am craaazy!
3. My least favourite food is cherries.
4. I have never broken a bone...whoop!
5. I've never dyed my hair. I used to be blonde and my hair naturally turned into a light-ish brown.
6. I used to be scared of big rides until I was about 15, now you can't get me off them, in fact I'm more scared of going on ferris wheels than big rollercoasters!
7. I hate velvet. Cannot touch the stuff.
8. My favourite films right now are Titanic, The Lion King, We're The Miller's and Safe Haven.
9. I get travel, air and motion sickness...lucky.
10. I weirdly don't get travel sickness however if I'm in my mum's car or if I'm singing.
11. My favourite sport is badminton.
12. I can be quite stupid sometimes, but hate when people have literally no common sense.
13. I'd love to start a YouTube channel sometime.
14. I'm a lazy cook at uni...ready meals all the way!!
15. I was born in the same hospital as Harry Styles.
16. I have a problem with getting rid of clothes that I don't wear/don't fit me. However when I do they go straight to the charity shop (unless they're completely ruined).
17. My favourite time of year is Christmas - I LOVE decorating the tree!
18. Although I live in the UK, I've not travelled around here much. In fact, I've never been to a UK beach (unless I went when I was a baby).
19. I've always wanted a dog since I was little, but have never had one...maybe later...
20. Lip products are my favourite beauty product. Can never have too many!
21. I'm a movie crier, I've even cried just talking about Titanic before!
22. The two main traits I look for in guys are humour and ambitiousness, as well as someone who is taller than me.
23. I am 5"8.
24. I have never walked out of a Forever 21 store without buying anything.
25. My biggest fear is spiders, gross!
26. I used to have braces, but don't have a single picture of them because I refused to show them...barely anyone knew I had them and I know, I overreacted a little.
27. My favourite cocktail is Blue Lagoon.
28. My skincare routine is practically non-existent, oops.
29. I love travelling but hate flying.
30. My favourite holiday was when I went to the west coast of the USA in an RV.
31. I prefer gold jewellery to silver.
32. I know practically every song to every Disney move. Yes, it's sad.
33. My favourite colour is purple, but I also like light green and blue.
34. I used to have keyboard lessons in first school.
35. I have a mark on my face from when I had bad chicken pox.
36. I used to be afraid of people dressed up as mascots/characters...lets be honest, I still just don't know who's in there!
37. Spring clothing is probably my favourite type of clothing - I LOVE florals!! If only it was warmer in England in the Spring :(
38. I have had 6 teeth pulled out...ouch!
39. I have quite a few (pointless) talents. I can raise my eyebrows individually, flare my nostrils, flip my tongue over and talk with my mouth closed.
40. I have visited the set of my favourite TV show, Pretty Little Liars - Best.Experience.EVER.
41. I refuse to watch horror films because they'll give me nightmares for weeks. Watching The Mummy when I was younger scarred me for life...and it's not even that scary.
42. I can't stand noisy eaters.
43. I am quite a messy person.
44. I don't usually like many trends until they start going out of fashion - SALE!!
45. I don't watch a lot of TV. My favourite TV shows have either finished or aren't shown in the UK.
46. I'm a good bargain hunter.
47. I used to think that water made my fingernails grow.
48. In first school I was part of the engineering was the cool thing then.
49. The smell of coffee sometimes gives me headaches.
50. I am a Scorpio in the UK, but a Sagittarius in the USA, weird!
If you made it to the end congratulations!! You deserve a medal!
I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you have a similar post, make sure to link it down below!
Thank you for reading!
Lots of Love
Lizzie xx


  1. I love these types of posts, you can get to know so much about the blogger in only 50 statements! & lip products are also my favourite kind of product, can't have enough lippies!
    Daniela xo // danielascribbles // click here to enter my MAC giveaway - only 5 days left!

    1. Yeah, love getting to know all the things about bloggers that we don't talk about in beauty and fashion posts :) Always nice to treat yourself to a new lip products!

      Lizzie xx

  2. Hey,
    Loved the post. The post allowed us to know much about you. Me too wanted to have a dog and will try to have one in near future.


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