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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Chloe Love Story Perfume Review

I will be the first person to admit it, I probably have far to many perfumes. At least more than the average person should anyway. It's not that I'm constantly spending money on fragrances, but my collection has really built up year on year and it seems as though very little of the product is ever actually used...I even upped the amount of sprits I apply on a daily basis, but no, they don't seem to go anywhere! 

Regardless, this past year or so I've become much more obsessed with high-end fragrances. Whilst I only have two full-size high-end fragrances and a couple of minis, (the vast amount of my collection being built up of fragrances from those celebrities who I used to obsess over...), I only want more! There's something special about having a high-end fragrance; the packaging is generally of a better quality and a beauty to look at, and they always make me feel more sophisticated, always beneficial for a big kid like me. And my favourite right now you make ask? Well that's the Chloé Love Story perfume!

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

My New Jewellery Storage

I find that jewellery is always one of those iffy things. Whilst I have a large portion of pieces stored away in jewellery boxes, for the most part I like to keep my jewellery out for me to easily see. I so easily forget to accessorise the vast majority of my outfits that having my jewellery displayed straight in front on my eyes always helps to give me that reminder that I do actually own necklaces, earrings and rings and that I can actually wear them to add just a little more p-zazz to my overall look!

And whilst many of my jewellery pieces will still be stored away from view, one particular gift that I received for Christmas will certainly help me to keep a few more items out on show, never to be forgotten about again. 

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Alex & Ani Bracelet | Believe In Every Wish

For years I'd been lusting after an Alex + Ani bracelet. After hearing Anna Saccone raving about her bracelet which she bought from the brand roughly two years ago, I'd been ever so tempted to buy one, but held off for some time. That is until I went to Disney World last year. 

The great thing about the Alex + Ani Disney bracelets is not only that the choices of Disney characters and quotes are endless, but that they are also 100% authentic to the Disney parks. Therefore I wanted to hold off until the next time I did end up heading to Disney, so I could have a piece of jewellery that was that little bit more special to me, with Disney being a massive part of my childhood and even my life now. And the great thing is that whilst they don't scream "DISNEY", they're a lovely, simplistic accessory to add to any outfit to give just that little bit more detail.


Friday, 13 January 2017

ColourPop Haul + Shipping & Customs Info

ColourPop has been one of those brands that for the past year or so I've been longing to try. And towards the last half of 2016 they began shipping to the UK. Great. But I was uhming and ahhing for such a long time due to the high shipping costs and the potential of having a disgustingly large customs charge delivered through my door. 

However fast forward to a couple of days after Christmas and I just decided to go for it. I'd heard a ridiculous number of people raving of multiple products from ColourPop and after months of holding off I picked out my favourite shades and placed my order. Sign up to their newsletter too and you get $5 to spend on your first order! In total, the delivery took a total of roughly two weeks, arriving nicely packaged with plenty of padding to prevent the powder products from smashing.


Thursday, 12 January 2017

Top 5 Winter Lip Products

Lip products are certainly one of my favourite products out there. I personally love experimenting with all lip products and have possibly every finish and colour there is (aside from those very out there blues and greens)! And in my mind, I always have those specific products that are most suited towards each season...well, every season but Winter it seems. Whilst Spring screams pink to me, Summer is all about bright, tropical colours and Autumn is focussed on those darker berry tones, Winter just doesn't seem to have those shades that I seemingly have to wear throughout the season!

Evidently during Winter, we experience an entire month of Christmas festivities, red lips certainly make an appearance into my Winter lip essentials. With this said, I am unlikely to stick to a theme and you will certainly see me wearing some brighter pinks in the middle of January. But for the vast majority of my other lip choices, I tend to stick to warmer toned lips, incorporating some of the berry tones that we see ever so frequently in Autumn, as well as bringing in some more matte, nude shades.

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